Gwen profile
Dr. Gwennyth Palafox
Founder, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Palafox is a clinical psychologist who brings almost 2 decades of expertise in assessment, education and treatment of individuals across the lifespan with and without special needs. She has spent most of her professional career improving the lives of individuals and families affected with an autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities and those who demonstrate asynchronous and complex profiles.

Dr. Palafox’s extensive training, real-time experience and savvy ability to integrate developmental concepts, brain development/functioning and relational interactions, make her an invaluable professional and resource that has been sought in complex cases and expert witness testimony. She is known for her comprehensive, enthusiastic and relatable style, translating and organizing scientific findings into practical, fun and understandable teachings and interventions that have been presented locally, regionally and internationally to positive acclaim, most recently at TEDx 2012 in Studio City, California.

Dr. Palafox’s solid belief in the connection between the mind, body and the ability to relate to oneself and others, no matter who the individual is or whether a disability exists, grounds every service and program offered.

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Noa H.
Noa H.parent of athlete
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Pat V.
Pat V.parent of athlete
"The overall concept of BB360 is terrific. The greatest assets are the kids, the loving staff and the programming. "
Dr. Joyce T.
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"Power UP has changed my son's life! The coaches are inspirational and that kind of motivation really helps Drew, who never liked to exercise and now can't wait to workout."
Nella A.
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