Spread the Love

Spread the Love

The Oxford Dictionary defines “love” as an “intense feeling of deep affection.” There are many benefits of love which include the physical kind (living longer, lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, and helping to beat cancer) and the psychological kind (experiencing positive emotions, building resilience, promoting empathy). The expression of love doesn’t have to be grand or fancy, and actually, is best when done in small, thoughtful ways throughout the day.

Here are 6 simple ways to show your love to your loved ones:

1. Smile. Flash those pearly whites!

2. Listen. Put down the phone and actively listen by reflecting what your loved one is saying to you.

3. Hug. Human touch is a lovely way to express your love.

4. Make time. Pick someone to call to check in on how his/her day is going.

5. Surprise. Pick a little gift or token that means a lot to someone (favorite ice cream) and and give it to them for no specific reason.

6. Random act of Kindness. Whether it’s taking in someone’s trash bins or running an errand for someone, do something that makes someone’s life a little easier.

With the hustle and bustle of our lives, it’s easy to forget to show our loves ones (friends and family) that we deeply care about them. Give something from the list a try and share (if so inclined) below.

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