Aidan BB360
Ball Skills Class

This class is aimed at helping athletes build a strong foundation to improve their ability to participate in playground games such as foursquare, handball, kick ball, and sports such as basketball, football, soccer and baseball. Athletes who are a good fit for the Ball Skills Class are individuals who want to improve their throwing, catching, passing, and kicking skills. The low coach to athlete ratio allows for the implementation of a differentiated curriculum, catering to all levels of ability. Athletes who can remain in class without eloping, or hurting themselves or others, or damaging property are the best fit for this class.

Space is limited to 4 athletes. Class is 50 minutes in duration.

The cost is $150 for 4 classes. Should a 1:1 be needed to participate, a 1:1 can be provided with notice at an additional $25/class.

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