Practicing Self-Love

Practicing Self-Love

When thinking about giving love, we often neglect ourselves. While it’s important to be working on our relationships, health, and careers, it’s just as important to devote time to ourselves. Developing a deep sense of acceptance and compassion for ourselves directly impacts our inner landscape and how we interact with the world around us. Most of us can list several ways we show love to others, but when it comes to loving ourselves, our minds draw a blank.

Here are five ways to love yourself today:

  1. Practice self-care. Sleep enough, eat well, exercise, and make sure to have fun! Making self-care part of your daily routine sets a foundation where you will feel your best.
  2. Let yourself feel your emotions. Emotions are a part of being human and we all have them, especially big ones! Instead of shutting emotions down, observe them, label them, and allow yourself to “have them” without making any actions.
  3. Develop a gratitude attitude. Shift your attention to what you are grateful for (could be people and events). Remember to celebrate and be grateful for your strengths.
  4. Be gentle with yourself and celebrate successes. It’s so easy to judge and be critical with ourselves, that we forget that we are human and worthy of love and compassion. When feeling fear, pain, or worry, say kind things to yourself (what would you say to a loved one?). Also, don’t forget to celebrate your successes everyday!
  5. Make time for creativity. If this means picking a hobby back up, taking a cooking class, or joining a book club, don’t forget to do what makes you smile.

As you try the things on this list, remember that practicing self-love takes time, mistakes, and patience, but it’s worth while!

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