Why do you call participants in your training programs ``athletes?``

If an ‘athlete’ is defined as any person who works hard at building their strength, agility and endurance, then people with special needs (and their families) exemplify this word. We experience them as the hardest, and coolest, working people around.

My son has a 1:1 aide, how will the aide participate in the class?

Our goal is to help every athlete participate in our classes without the need of a 1:1 aide. We feel that this speaks directly to our vision of promoting independence. Our class sizes are small (no more than 7) and our ratios are high (at least 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach per class) to foster the least restrictive environment possible. With that being said, we also understand that some athletes need the 1:1 help. We encourage these athletes to participate in semi-private or private training first, to build the foundation to participate fully in the group setting. These classes are truly something special and we want your child to be a part of it!

My daughter is extremely sensitive to noise. Will she be able to participate in the class?

Yes, we have many athletes who have sound sensitivity that participate successfully in our classes. We turn the music volume down and encourage you to bring any sensory devices that may be helpful (noise canceling headphones, ear plugs, etc.) in fostering your child’s participation. With the knowledge that many of our athletes have sensory issues, we embrace necessary accommodations.

How will I know which class is appropriate for my child?

Matching kids in workable groups is very important to us. Group dynamics foster the most amazing opportunities for social advancement and we want to make sure that every athlete who participates is benefiting. Our groups are not typically matched by functioning-level, but rather by the level of group-savviness an athlete has (following directions, being able to model/imitate coaches and peers, tolerating participation in a group setting, receptive language understanding, etc.). We evaluate each athlete before they enter a class and encourage one month of participation to start. We have found that giving each athlete about a month (coming at least 1x/week) acknowledges the difficulties that some of our athletes have with change and transition and gives us valuable knowledge for group placement.

My child has never participated in a group class, will this work for us?

Yes, it can! Our classes are the best place to introduce your child to a group setting. Our coaches are knowledgeable about special needs, skilled in teaching, and most of all, patient. We understand that it can take some time for kids to adapt to a group setting. We are organized, structured, visual, engaging, reinforcing and repetitive. We are this way because we know this is what works to help kids achieve success not only in our groups, but in the community in general.

Can I drop my child off and leave or do I need to stay?

During your child’s first month, we invite you to stay and enjoy our studio. This way, we can answer any questions you may have while you observe the class from our studio loft. This will give you a very good sense of what the classes look and feel like and what we are trying to accomplish. The other advantage to staying is to meet and become part of the BB360 community. This community is truly awesome. After your first month, you may drop off your child, but please be sure to be return to the studio at least 5 minutes before class is finished. We do not have staffing or provide child care and cannot guarantee your child’s safety after class is over. The safety of your child is a top priority for us!