why choose us

Brain Body 360

is a comprehensive program designed by award-winning strength and fitness trainer David Liston and Dr. Gwennyth Palafox, a clinical psychologist with an expertise in special needs.

Our Foundation

​​Built upon a foundation of behavioral and developmental science, BB360 cross-trains the brain and the body to improve functioning and independence across the home, school and community environments. Utilizing sound teaching techniques, we address the core deficits of our athletes with special needs by functionally improving  their attention, frustration tolerance, attitude, planning, self-esteem, emotional control, body awareness, coordination and social skills.​​

Our Vision

At BB360 our vision is two fold: create a community of acceptance, belonging and trust that embraces special needs and help people become as independent as possible.

Our Program

What do we do?

Brain Body 360 programs provide structured exercise that foster both brain and body development.  We use proven teaching tools that work for individuals with special needs, the latest neuroscience research, and a combined 30 years of field experieince to develop each workout.

What can you expect?

Anyone who participates can expect an organized, thoughtful, and well-informed workout that challenges the body and the brain.  Class sizes are kept small to meet the individual needs of each athlete and to ensure success.  Everyone can expect to have fun and feel good!

What gets worked out?

Research shows that physical exercise promotes better learning. Our exercise programs take advantage of the brain’s readiness by facilitating the following skills:

Body: awareness, conditioning, balance, strength, coordination, mid-line crossing, and motor planning.

Executive Functioning: goal setting, planning, behavioral inhibition, work tolerance, and self-monitoring.

Social Skills: awareness of others, awareness of self, social rules, and pro-social behavior.

Life Skills: accessing community resources and practicing appropriate community behavior.

Self-Esteem: rising to challenges, feeling successful, and positive attitudes.