Groundhog Day: Opportunities for Gettin’ It Right

Groundhog Day: Opportunities for Gettin’ It Right

Happy Groundhog Day! This traditional Pennsylvania holiday, so comedically and wonderfully depicted by Bill Murray in the 1993 comedy of the same name, reminds us of something we often experience at BB360–that we relive experiences over and over again until we learn and evolve. While we’re not mystics, we have embraced that life is constantly giving us opportunities for growth if we pay attention and positively reframe our experiences for learning (see our blog post about Dr. Dweck’s Growth Mindset).

It can often feel like Groundhog Day at BB360. Even with our best intentions and teaching tools at the ready, we can feel stuck, unsatisfied with our own performance or desiring more growth from our athletes. What we’ve found is that this “stuckness” is exactly what propels us to move, shift, and change. This feeling, albeit uncomfortable, ignites our evolution, humility, and appreciation for the process of growth (of ourselves, our athletes, and their families). While it might seem silly, our “groundhog moments” (“same stuff, different day”) have taught us a major life lesson: life is what you put into it, not what you get from it.

Care to share your “groundhog moments?”

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