Getting SMARTer

Getting SMARTer

Last week, we reviewed how to write a SMART goal. We’re curious, did you do it? If so, yay! If not, it’s never too late! Goals can be very powerful motivators for behavior change if done right. When done poorly, they can often have the opposite effect, reducing motivation and fostering the feeling of failure. Yuck!

This week, we wanted to take the SMART goal foundation that we reviewed last week and help make SMART goals even SMARTER. Remember that a SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Actionable/Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. For a more in-depth explanation, please refer to last week’s blog post, Making Positive Changes in the New Year. Today we want to help you make your SMART goal even SMARTER. Here’s how you do it. Add E (evaluate) and R (re-do) to your SMART goal. More specifically,

E: Evaluate your goals regularly and adjust them as needed according to changes in your life (job, family, resources).
R: Re-do goals after you have evaluated them for effectiveness and go through the SMARTER goal process again to update a goal or create a new goal.

You may be wondering why we split last week’s blog post (SMART) with this week’s blog post (adding -ER to SMART) vs. just giving you SMARTER goals all up front. What we have learned and use regularly in our programs is that setting solid foundations first, then slowly adding to this foundation next, is the best way to not only build new behaviors, but keep motivation strong. Inevitably, building new behaviors is hard and comes with some amount of distress. Even though we know that building new behaviors, especially ones that can have a positive impact is important, it isn’t always easy. That’s why taking baby steps while feeling success along the way is our best bet to changing our lives for the better. Ok, now it’s your turn. Try to make your SMART goal even SMARTER. Feel free to share below!

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