For 12 year olds and up:

Don’t let the cool-factor of this group fool you! Serious skills are getting cross-trained to prepare teens and young adults for functional success in the real-world. Along with getting an awesome body workout, these athletes build their self-esteem, positive attitudes, social skills, work ethic, planning and life skills (self-care) through structured and intense intervals. Due to their age and upcoming transition into adulthood, teaching a sense of personal responsibility and social accountability are forefront in every class.​

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For 6 to 11 year olds:​​​

This class is where superheroes truly unite! Expert coaches combine forces with special athletes to strengthen powers of doing good, determination and independence. Fun activities ground exercises to teach school-aged athletes the power of healthy, active and socially balanced living. The addition of life skills begins with our superheroes, where they are patiently coached on goal setting, being friendly, and caring for their brains and bodies.

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For all ages:

For athletes looking for an intense workout, boot camp offers the perfect opportunity to build strength, endurance, power and speed. This fast paced, intense and challenging workout also builds personal strength and self-confidence, all while having fun.

Athletes who are a good fit for boot camp are enthusiastic about participating, have a good attitude about exercising, can follow multiple-step directions and are able to remain within the class without eloping, hurting themselves or others, or damaging property. Keep in mind that boot camp is not the traditional BB360 class, in that the coach to athlete ratio is larger at 10:1. An athlete attending a boot camp class must have the aforementioned requisite skills to ensure the safety and fun of our classes.

Space is limited to 10 athletes per class. Siblings and friends welcome. Sessions are open to athletes on a first come, first served basis.

Coming Summer 2016